Felt roofing services in Sheffield

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Felt roofing services in Sheffield

Felt roofing services in Sheffield

Felt is the traditional roofing material used on a lot of flat roofs, garages, extensions and commercial buildings. Felt roofing services in Sheffield.  It has been a favourite roofing material for years due to its low cost and ease of installation, however in spite of these advantages it does have a tendency to wear and become brittle with time. Once the material begins to perish then it is normally time to replace the entire roofing surface. Unlike with traditional pitched roofs this can be a much less costly affair and because the work tends to be completed in a much shorter time, the disruption to your home or business is normally negligible in comparison.

We can install your felt roof quickly and cheaply

You may already know that your flat felt roof is in need of being repaired or replaced thanks to obvious water leaks or clear split and tears in the material. If the felt has become brittle and breaks easily in your fingers around the edges then it normally means that a full replacement is the bets policy. We can give you a free estimate for what this will cost, or advise on alternative roofing materials if appropriate.  All you have to do is give us a call today.

Did you know we specialise in GRP Fibreglass for flat roofs? More info >>


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