Pitched roof services in Sheffield

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pitched-roofing-servicesPitched roof services in Sheffield

Traditional slate or tile pitched roofs are famous as a high-quality and long-lasting roofing style, and in Sheffield the majority of homes have pitched roofs which have lasted for generations. We offer professional pitched roof services in Sheffield and due to the dangers of working on sloping roofs in particular, you should always employ experienced tradesmen to carry out this kind of work for you. Before every winter you should also inspect your roof for broken, loose or missing tiles. We can do this for you and we offer free site surveys. With many buildings in Sheffield having roofs older than 100 years, many of them now require significant repairs or replacement. You can see our roof inspection guide to help you see if it is time to get your pitched roof looked at.

Experienced roofers serving Sheffield since 1997

Working on traditional pitched roofs requires experience and training and we have many years of working on slate and tile roofs across the city. We always work in a manner which creates the least impact to your daily routine and try to get our task done as efficiently as possible. Of course a major overhaul of a sloping roof can be a major project and if you speak to us for some advice we may be able to offer alternative repair work to reduce the cost and inconvenience associated with a complete re-roofing job.

Repair and re-roofing traditional slate and tile buildings >>

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