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Slate Versus Tile – Which is Best?

Slate Versus Tile - Which is Best? Two of the most popular types of roofing material in the country are slate and tile. Both have their pros and cons so how do you choose between the two when you are looking for the best roofing material for your property? Here we...

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Should I Repair or Completely Replace my Roof?

Should I Repair or Completely Replace my Roof? We all know that the roof of our house is a crucial element in its construction that keeps the weather out and helps keep the heat in. But replacing a roof isn’t exactly the most exciting way to spend our money! So how do...

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10 Common Roof Problems

Ten Common Roof Problems The roof of any building is one of the most hardworking elements of the structure. Not only does it finish the look of the place, it protects against the elements and also helps to keep warmth inside the property.   But facing up to all these...

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Latest Advances in Roofing Materials When you come to looking at materials for a new roof or a re-roofing project, familiar faces will always appear. Slate and tile for pitched roofs alongside felt for flat ones have been in use for generations, sometimes hundreds of...

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Common Winter Roofing Problems

  Common Winter Roofing Problems Winter, not surprisingly, it tough on roofs. Sheffield, due to its inland location and the local topography does tend to suffer comparatively harsh winters in relation to many other areas of the UK and this can really take its...

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Roof Parts Explained

Roof Parts Explained Understanding the nature of your roofing problem can be lost in translation. Can’t tell your eaves apart from the flushing and would like some help in understanding your roofer next time they come round? You are in  luck, we have put together a...

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Environmentally friendly roofing options

[av_layerslider id='3'] [av_textblock size='' font_color='' color=''] Environmentally friendly roofing options Being environmentally friendly is not just about our car emissions, or not using plastic bags; it is all about making changes to how and where we live....

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Get your roof ready for another Sheffield winter

Every winter storm, every heavy snowfall, and every drop of rain that falls on a roof will gradually, over the years, erode the slate on your roof; this eventually leads to them being loosened from their fixings. Once a slate moves from its fixed position the...

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Checking for problems with your flat roof

Flat roofs get a bad press, however they have plenty of obvious benefits too. Low cost and ease of maintenance are the obvious ones and in many cases these factors alone make a flat roof the sensible choice. There is no getting around the fact however that they are...

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Should I replace my roof or repair it?

A very important question which property owners will at some point face is - should I replace my roof or repair it? Although you may think that you should simply repair it - the cost benefit is pretty obvious - there may be more to this question than you think. Of...

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Felt roof damage repair

Felt has been used in roofing for over 100 years and was initially bought in to provide a protective barrier to people's homes prior to the completion of the main roof covering. In areas where weather, wind and rain was expected to be severe, it could also be used as...

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Inspecting your roof for damage and repair

It's one of those things - we all know we should do it but be honest - how often do you ever look at your roof for damage and wear? The irony is that it is actually a very easy thing to do and a simple DIY roof inspection can highlight serious problems which can be...

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3 important things to consider before replacing your roof

It may seem a fairly obvious statement to make but replacing an entire roof can be a big undertaking, involving lots of disruption to your family or business life. You may be unsure if you need a completely new roof or if you can get a way with a patch repair - either...

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