10 Common Roof Problems Sheffield Roofing Services

10 Common Roof Problems

Ten Common Roof Problems

The roof of any building is one of the most hardworking elements of the structure. Not only does it finish the look of the place, it protects against the elements and also helps to keep warmth inside the property. But facing up to all these challenges means that roofs can develop problems. Here we look at the ten most common roof problems to watch for.

Lack of maintenance

Roofs need the same tender loving care as other parts of the house, perhaps more so. Regular maintenance can spot a problem before it develops into something major as well as ensuring that natural decay in materials is remedied. The best course is to get a professional in with their specialist equipment rather than risk it by going up there yourself.

Damage from wind

High winds seem to be more common in recent years and can be devastating to roofs. A single loose tiles that is whipped off in the wind can quickly lead to a hole in the roof and if the wind comes with rain or snow, then a major leak is underway.

UV deterioration

The UV rays from the sun can cause damage to the various elements of the roof system, especially with flat roofs. After each summer, it is an idea to have the roof checked to see if there have been any signs of damage from the sun that could lead to a leak when the bad weather comes.


Leaks can be sneaky things that are hard to locate – even the tiniest gap can let in water if the rain is strong enough. Take a trip up to your loft on a regular basis and turn off the light to look for leaks. If you can see any daylight, get in touch with your roofer before things get worse.

Guttering issues

Caring for the guttering is a crucial part of the roof maintenance because if guttering is filled with debris, it can pull off the roof and cause a weakness. The debris in the guttering can also lead to rusting and decay of the materials if they lie against them for long periods of time.


Another problem caused by high winds, particularly on flat roofs, can be when items are blown around and strike the roof, causing a puncture. This can then allow water into the house.


This one is a problem with flat roof materials – over time, they can shrink and this means they no longer completely cover the roof. Again this can let rain or snow into the space below. Flat roofs benefit from regular maintenance checks just as pitched roofs do and often have a specific lifespan before they need renewing.

Ventilation issues

If the loft space isn’t ventilated properly, this can lead to problems that start from within the house. In the warm weather, the roof tiles can be baked from below by the build-up of heat then will be more likely to break or lift in winter.

Poor quality installation

If the roof elements aren’t installed correctly, then problems quickly follow along. Make sure you used a qualified and experienced roofer for all of your work.

Poor quality repairs

Just like poor quality installation, if repairs aren’t done by a qualified professional then they may be as bad as no maintenance at all. Remember how hard the roof works and get it the right help to keep doing its job!

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