3 important things to consider before replacing your roof Sheffield Roofing Services

3 important things to consider before replacing your roof

It may seem a fairly obvious statement to make but replacing an entire roof can be a big undertaking, involving lots of disruption to your family or business life. You may be unsure if you need a completely new roof or if you can get a way with a patch repair – either way the best way to know for sure is to speak to a trustworthy roofer first. They can tell you in detail the best course of action for you and they understand the impact that this kind of undertaking can have. So – before you take the plunge here are our 10 things to consider before replacing your roof.

1. Get quality advice from a trusted roofer first.

Building a completely new roof to replace your old one can be a big-ticket purchase in most cases. There is no getting away from the fact that even with an efficient roofer working on your project, a roof replacement in Sheffield or anywhere else is a major building project. Good roofers with a long track record will give you honest and straight-forward advice. Speak to them in detail about why the roof needs replacing and what alternatives there may be. If you feel they aren’t answering your questions fully then time to get a second opinion!

2. Are the materials up to the job?

In Sheffield we are blessed with a particularly wet and windy climate and that inevitable takes its toll on roofs across the city. You should remember however that the majority of our roofs were originally built to withstand the best of the Yorkshire weather and quality materials last for decades. Double check what your roofer is using and if they are new materials (GRP / rubber etc) then check the brand for quality and longevity. It is vital to make sure their roofing materials are up to the job. If they aren’t then expect expensive retrospective work to be required much sooner than you would like.

3. There is no getting away from some disruption – what’s your roofers plan?

Speak to your roofer before you sign them up to replace your roof or build you a new one. What is the impact likely to be on your family life (if it is your home) or your business (if it a commercial roofing project). What is their plan to mitigate disruption and noise? What is the plan for workmen and materials accessing the site to minimise the impact of having driveways and car-parks blocked. Sheffield’s tight streets and crowded suburbs can present real problems to a roofer seeking to get the job done efficiently and safely – what can you do to help them? It is not realistic to expect your roofer to manage a complete re-roof without impact on your life at all, however asking a few key questions will demonstrate if they have thought about minimising the impact to you.

Basically it comes down to some for-thought and good communication between you and your roofer. Good roofers with plenty of experience will already have thought through the potential for disruption to you and will try their best to reduce it to a minimum. You can help them by letting them know what works best for you. Good communication will result in a quick and painless process and a new rood which can stay maintenance-free for a lifetime.


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