5 Questions to Ask to Choose the Perfect Roof Window Sheffield Roofing Services

5 Questions to Ask to Choose the Perfect Roof Window

Here at Newbould Roofing, one of the roofing services that we offer is adding roof windows. Sometimes this is done when you have roof repairs, a roof replacement or because you have had the loft converted. Whatever the situation, how do you know which roof window will be the right one for you? Let’s walk through our process to help you choose.

1. What will the purpose of the room be?

One of the most common uses for roof windows is to bring light and air into a converted loft. But this isn’t the only use for them. There are some that can be added to flat roofs, known as skylights. Or they can be added to rooms to offer different styles of window from the traditional one. To help choose the right roof window, understanding the purpose of the room is a key first step. Questions to consider include:

What is the purpose of the room (bedroom, bathroom, storage room)?
How much light do you want in the room?
What constraints are there such as the pitch of the roof or the space available?

2. How should the window operate?

When you work with roofers in Sheffield like us, you don’t have to worry too much about this as we can advise you but there are a few different options for how the window operates. Centre pivot windows, for example, can open when there is furniture below the window because the hinge is in the centre. Top hung windows open outwards but may not be ideal if you have children.

3. What look do you want?

Like other types of window, you can get different styles of frame for the roof window. PVC is a popular option that can match up with PVC double glazing on the rest of the house. You can also opt for wood, either natural or painted, if you want to have a different look or have wooden windows and doors.

4. What glazing do you want?

Glazing is a complex thing. We use Velux roof windows and they have a lot of different options to help you get just what you need. Most of their windows include features such as solar heat gain that warms the room beyond while having an excellent insulation value, known as a U-value. They also offer different levels of sound insulation which can help cut out noise from traffic, public transport or other sources. You can also add features such as privacy, easy to clean and rain noise reduction.

5. What finishing touches do you want?

The final decisions come around finishing the window. Flashings and installation products are often recommended based on the window you have chosen and ensure the window complies with building regulations. You may also want to consider finishing touches such as blinds, roller shutters or awnings, depending on the use of the room.

The perfect roof window

By working with us to answer these five questions, you can be confident in getting the perfect roof window for your home. This will add to the look of the properly, enhance the room beyond and ensure that the insulation of the home remains top quality.


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