Checking for problems with your flat roof Sheffield Roofing Services

Checking for problems with your flat roof

Flat roofs get a bad press, however they have plenty of obvious benefits too. Low cost and ease of maintenance are the obvious ones and in many cases these factors alone make a flat roof the sensible choice. There is no getting around the fact however that they are more prone to leaks and problems – especially relevant in a rainy city like Sheffield. So here’s a quick guide on checking for problems with your flat roof.

Find the point of entry in your roof

The first time you notice that your roof has a leak it will probably involve some form of staining or water ingress into the room below. It is worth remembering that the main point of staining may not actually be directly underneath the point of water entry, so a bit of detective work will inevitably be required. If you check the top side of the roof for obvious holes and cracks then you may find the problem easily. If nothing is obvious then look further afield – the edges and flashing may have come apart a long way from the main point if stating. Wtare gets in and then runs horizontally between layers before working its way down to your ceiling.

Act fast to prevent damage

Unfortunately the repair job may entail more than simply patching up holes, especially if the damage has spread to plaster, plaster-board or decoration internally. It can often be the case that insurance for a flat roof costs a little more than for a pitched roof and again this is primarily due to the fact that decorating work and ceilings can sustain significant damage from leakages. Regular inspections and quick action can stop damage becoming costly fast.

The cause

Identifying the source of the leak in your roof and taking action quickly is vital. After rain check for pools of water collecting on the surface of the roof. These puddles are often the source of decay in the roofing material and also the lack of drainage means that as soon as the waterproofing of your roof surface fails, there is always a reservoir of rain water to exploit the gap.

Get the roofing experts in

Of course you can take a trip down to your local DIY shop in Sheffield and buy some roofing material to “patch-repair” the surface – but generally this solution will either fail to rectify the problem completely, or it is a short term fix at best. Try it if your budget it really tight but remember that a trusted local Sheffield roofing company is always going to be the preferred option – it could save you a lot of hassle and money in the long term!


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