Common Winter Roofing Problems Sheffield Roofing Services

Common Winter Roofing Problems

Common Winter Roofing Problems

Winter, not surprisingly, it tough on roofs. Sheffield, due to its inland location and the local topography does tend to suffer comparatively harsh winters in relation to many other areas of the UK and this can really take its toll on your roof. Regular winter roofing and roofline checks are essential if you want to spot new problems early before they get a chance to become a real problem. Winter brings with it two significant factors, wind and ice, which can create roof damage which can remain hard to detect until it is too late. If you make yourself aware of the problems which can be caused, carry out regular roof inspections and know what to look for then you can save yourself a lot of heartache and money in the future.

Storm damage to roofs and guttering

Every time a storm comes through Yorkshire you should harry out a quick, external visual check of the building to look for damage. The most obvious one would be loose or missing tiles which will need to be replaces quickly to prevent the ingress of moisture. Guttering, soffits and fascia also need to be inspected as they too can sustain damage from high winds or being struck by debris dislodged as the winds increase. Broken gutters fail to channel water into drains properly and can allow excessive moisture to linger around the foundations of your home. This leads to the potential for damp to infiltrate your walls and foundations to become eroded. If you notice one dark patch of wall riding up from the ground and notice that area seems to be damp then check your gutters for damage – you may find that rain water which is no longer being channeled correctly into the drains is the cause.

Condensation and ice

Where warm and cold air meet you will almost certainly encounter condensation, which is an indirect means for moisture to build up within your roof space. A well designed and constructed roof will allow correct ventilation of the attic space and this ventilation draws moisture away. Provided your roof is correctly insulated then it also helps to regulate temperature however interference to ventilation can allow damp to build up. The flow of air across the roof space can be badly affected by the build up of ice if we have an extended cold snap which there have been several of in the last few years. It is compounded in roofs where ventilation is poor causing excessive moisture which in turn freezes and further hampers ventilation creating a vicious circle. If you inspect the interior of your roof then look out for a build up of damp which may be a result of bad ventilation and if necessary call in an expert to assess the situation.

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