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Could Rubber Roofing Be the Right Solution for Your Flat Roof?

Flat roofs used to be a bit of a nightmare for homeowners. Roofing felt was okay but didn’t have the longest lifespan and could easily be damaged by debris blown around in high winds. Felt didn’t seem to last as long as you would like so more money was spent on the flat roof than the main roof and roofline. This inspired the creation of new roofing materials for flat roofs and one that is now commonly used by roofers in Sheffield is rubber roofing. But what is it and might it be right for your flat roof?

What is rubber roofing?

The correct name for rubber roofing is EPDM – ethylene propylene diene terpolymer in case you wondered. What that means is that the roof is covered with a durable, synthetic rubber membrane which is ideal for flat roofs as well as for those with a low pitch. The material first became popular in the US but now there are many people around the UK who have had flat roof repairs and replaced the felt with it.

EPDM is also available in different specifications to mean it is suitable for flat roofs of all sizes and also for commercial properties. You can get both 45 and 60 mm thickness and widths that range from 7.5 to 50 feet. It comes in fully adhered or where it is mechanically attached, even sometimes ballasted. Manufacturers have also created a special tape that works with it as well as liquid adhesives. This means when you work with roofing services offering this, there are plenty of options to get the right fit.

Why choose a rubber roof?

One of the top reasons to consider a rubber covering for your flat roof is the cost. Installing EPDM is easier than many other types of roofing material and this means the cost of the job is lower than for other options. The material itself is also very budget friendly and the time needed to fit it is shorter, cutting down labour costs.

Another reason that people are switching to EPDM for their flat roof is that the stuff lasts for a long time. A properly installed EPDM roof can easily last for 50 years, which is double the expected lifespan of normal roofing felt. It isn’t damaged by UV and ultraviolet rays from the sun, so it won’t dry up or crack the way felt can. There are rubber roofs in the US laid in the 1970s that are still going strong today.

Thirdly, EPDM is hard to damage and easy to repair. With the frequency of high winds and heavy rain we see, weather damage is a top consideration. Rubber roofs are much less likely to be damaged by flying debris or ripped up by the wind than felt roofs. And should something happen and there is some damage, it is easy to repair and is very cost effective. Often a liquid rubber tube is used to fill the gap and repair the roof.

EPDM is a great option for flat roofs and those with a low pitch. Cost effective, it needs little maintenance, looks smart and will last twice as long as most roofing felt.


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