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Environmentally friendly roofing options

Being environmentally friendly is not just about our car emissions, or not using plastic bags; it is all about making changes to how and where we live. Roofing, like other ways of house remodeling, creates a lot of greenhouse gases. The way your house roof is designed, angled, and the type of material it is made from can have a huge impact on how much heat is reflected back to the atmosphere. Furthermore, your roof can affect how efficient your house is on energy use on hot and cold days. When planning your new environmentally friendly roof in Sheffield, you will need to talk to a professional licensed contractor.

Some of the environmentally friendly roofing options for you to consider when you are building a new house or you are undertaking a major roofing renovation are:

Reclaimed Wood or Recycled Shingle Roof

This roofing material is made from recycled waste like rubber, wood, and plastic that normally would have ended up in a landfill. These shingles are cheaper than the brand new ones, but are also biodegradable.

Tile or Reclaimed Clay

Reclaimed Tile or Clay roofs are a suitable option for houses in warmer climates. The tile is not only extremely durable, even after being reclaimed, it also has a long life span. Furthermore, the tiles are dense and heavy, so these roofs provide additional insulation for houses, lowering heating costs and decreased power usage.


Rubber is the most recycled material used for roofing. Shingles are made out of recycled rubber. These rubber shingles are cost-effective, provide superior insulation and come with longer warranty periods. These shingles come in a wide range of colors to match your home.

White Roofs

Lighter colors are known to reflect the light, making homes with white roofs cooler on hot days. White roofs can be made of a number of materials; the best environmentally friendly options would be recycled shingles or metal roofing.

Actual Greenery

The newest option for environmentally friendly roofs is actual living plants. Your home will need to be able to support the weight of these plants. These plant roofs have been used to lessen the heat-island effect in larger cities. This is the most costly method of green roofing due to restructuring of the roof for the plants; however the plants are really aesthetically pleasing. The plants that you can use will vary by location and climate.

Hopefully, there will be more environmentally friendly roofing options in the near future, as Asphalt is becoming greener. Before starting to plan any new roofing type, you should check with a professional licensed contractor about your areas laws. If you are in Sheffield, contact us and we can tell you about the bylaws of the area.


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