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If you are looking for flat felt roofing repair or installation in Sheffield then we can help. The construction of a flat roof is somewhat different to the normal pitched roof system. For starters, these roofs traditionally used a structural roof deck, a timber boarding system with supporting joists. The ceiling of the room below is usually attached straight to these joist and the roofing material is added to the roof deck above. Any insulation may be added between the two layers.

This all means that flat and felt roofing can be more vulnerable to damage from time and the elements that pitched roofs. Over time, these roofing materials can split or shrink, meaning they no longer completely cover the roof deck below. Once water can get access to this deck, then damage can be caused, usually in the form of the wood rotting. Rotting wood or wood that has split then lets water into the space below and then you have a leak into the room of your house.

Flat Felt Roof Services Sheffield Sheffield Roofing Services


Maintenance & Repair

Managing a flat roof is also quite simple – regular maintenance checks is the key. Because most traditionally flat roofing felts have a lifespan of around twenty-five years, an annual check is the best way to ensure no problems are developing. Even a relatively young roof can suffer from impact by debris in high winds or even damage from the wind lifting the felt. By having everything regularly checked, you can stop the problem before it develops.

Then when the time comes to replace the roof, Newbould Roofing can also help. As well as maintaining these roofs we can also offer to replace the felt and have access to a number of new flat roofing options. These have increased lifespans and make use of new materials to ensure the new roof is tougher than the old one. So rather than wait until there is water pouring into the house, why not get in touch today so we can discuss the maintenance of your flat and felt roofing?

Flat Felt Roof Services Sheffield Sheffield Roofing Services

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Flat Felt Roof Services Sheffield Sheffield Roofing Services

“Contacted Steve at Newbould developments to fix a leaking roof due to the recent bad weather. Super quick attendance to quote and even arranged to start the job over the weekend due to more poor weather forecast. Very happy with price, speed of resolution and quality of workmanship. Looking forward to Steve taking care of our property portfolio maintenance requests from here on in.”

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