Get your roof ready for another Sheffield winter Sheffield Roofing Services

Get your roof ready for another Sheffield winter

Every winter storm, every heavy snowfall, and every drop of rain that falls on a roof will gradually, over the years, erode the slate on your roof; this eventually leads to them being loosened from their fixings. Once a slate moves from its fixed position the consequences are far reaching because the gap left will cause leaks which filter through to the slattens. Slattens are the lengths of timber which run horizontally along the whole length of the roof on top of the waterproof membrane. The tiles are fixed to these slattens by a roofing nail which keeps the tile in place.

Over time eventually the rain will filter down into these timbers and two things will begin to happen. One, the nails will become rusted and erode, and two, the slatten timbers will become rotten from the rain continuously seeping down under the slate. This is why a yearly inspection of house roofs, business premises roofs and conservatory roofs should be carried out. So here is the good news.

As roofers in Sheffield, Newbould Roofing are very aware of how severe the winters can be. It is because of this that we run a full emergency service, and have expert roofers to secure any roof that may have a problem.

We pride ourselves on being the Sheffield roofers that will take on any type of roofing job; it makes no difference if we are contracted to replace a full slate or tiled roof on a church, school, commercial building, or on a residential property, the job is treated with the same care and expertise.

When you need a Sheffield roofing company, you can be assured that with Newbould Roofing not only are you contacting a company that will do your job professionally, you can also be assured that the company is fully registered and insured against all eventualities regarding roofing contracts. All the work is carried out to British standard specifications with only the best materials, and a full guarantee for all materials and labour.

So don’t take the risk, avoid the worry for the coming winter, have your roof surveyed by Newbould Roofing; Sheffield’s premier roofing company.


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