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Roof Parts Explained

Understanding the nature of your roofing problem can be lost in translation. Can’t tell your eaves apart from the flushing and would like some help in understanding your roofer next time they come round? You are in luck, we have put together a list of some common roofing terms every homeowner should know. In the next couple of minutes you will learn and understand common terms so next time a roofer wants to put wool over your eyes, you can tell. Let s know how helpful this list has been, and what other terms you struggle with and we’ll compile another list.


When your roofer mentions the valleys, he is not referring to the Welsh Valleys. A valley is the angle created at the point where pitched roofs meet. A valley carries water off the roof as a channel and is traditionally lined with lead or zinc. Preformed channels made from composite materials and PVC are now available.


A term associated with pitched roofs (imagine an inverted “V” and you know what a pitched roof looks like). The wall at the end of a pitched roof is the gable.


The ridge is the top of a pitched roof. Its the horizontal surface running from one end of the roof to the other.

Fascia or Fascia Boards

are long straight boards running along the bottom edge of your roof. Their purpose is to support the bottom row of roof tiles as well as the guttering. Fascia boards are attached directly to roof trusses. They are commonly made from timber and uPVC.


The edge of the roof that extending beyond the walls.


A horizontal board attached to provide weather cover to the space between the fascia and the building wall. Construction materials include timber, cement board or uPVC with air vents.


a lining placed between tiles or other roofing material and the roof frame. Underfelt gives thermal insulating and waterproofing benefits and is commonly made from bitumen on a strong woven backing. Underfelt deteriorates over time and may be a source of moisture ingress when it collapses.


A vertical window recessed into the slope of a pitched roof.

Knowing and understanding the language your roofer speaks puts you in a position to know the extent of the work being carried out on your roof. They say knowledge is power and knowing this information is powerful because:

  • You can request better and more competitive quotes from other roofers
  • Minimise the chance of getting charged inflated prices for simple jobs

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