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When it comes to selecting a roofing material for your home or business premises, sometimes the actual roof itself has a lot to say about what is best. The pitch of the roof can often indicate what roofing material works best with it along with the size of the slate or tile used.

The roof pitch is the angle of the roof. For example, a flat roof has zero degrees’ gradient though some roofs under 15 degrees are also classed as flat. A pitched roof is usually between 15 and 70 degrees with the most common figure in the UK between the 50-60-degree mark. Anything over 70 degrees is more of a wall than a roof!

Slate and Tile Pitched Roof Services Sheffield Sheffield Roofing Services


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When re-roofing a house, the pitch of the roof will be decided by the roofing structure beneath it – the timber roof beams and other structural elements. When building a new roof, the pitch can be decided as part of the construction process and is often influenced by the area, surrounding homes and a decision about what is aesthetically pleasing.

The pitch also helps select the type of roofing material used. Slate roofs can be as low as 35 degrees and still function properly while a thatched roof must be at least 45 degrees in order to remain stable. In parts of the country with high snowfall, a greater pitch is often preferred to help the snow slide off the roof.

The good news is that when it comes to selecting pitched slate and tile materials for your roof, you don’t need to take a crash course in the various options. Here at Newbould Roofing, we are experts in roofs and can guide you in your choices. This means you can find the perfect roofing material for the pitch of your roof and make sure your property has the best possible protection against the elements.

Slate and Tile Pitched Roof Services Sheffield Sheffield Roofing Services

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Slate and Tile Pitched Roof Services Sheffield Sheffield Roofing Services

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